Live Bold & Boss Up: How to Overcome Being Underemployed and Unemployed as a Military Spouse – Stacy Miller

Live Bold & Boss UpSteph and Ash talk with Stacy Miller, a U.S. Army military spouse, who opens up about the challenges of finding a job, keeping a job, and how she managed the struggle of being unemployed and underemployed.

Stacy Miller is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and Partner with Bright Investments, LLC. Stacy has been featured in CNBC, Money Magazine, InvestmentNews, HerMoney, and more. She is an expert in helping women find financial security through transitions, crises, and windfalls.

Stacy actively volunteers in Tampa Bay, and is a member of the Tampa Bay Chamber’s Leadership Tampa class of 2021. She has a webinar/speaker series called “Like A Boss” (Budgeting Like a Boss, Investing Like a Boss, Retiring Like a Boss).


Boss Bites

• Hiring a Military Spouse is good business sense! Typically Military Spouses are very adaptable, resilient, great problem solvers, good budgeters, and highly educated.
• Don’t be afraid to ask for that raise!!
• Buy the Latte! (Or do what makes you happy 😀 )

Links to find Stacy’s work:

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