Krush Performance: The Science Of Sweetness – Pt. 2 – Fuel Trafficking

KP - PHOTO FOR RI SHOW“Don’t people have the right to know the metabolic effect of what they are putting in their mouths as it drastically affects the body. People have the right to know!” ~ Dr. Ann de Wees Allen

The Krush War on Sugar continues! Each month, we will host a “Science Of Sweetness” episode as we explain how the food and beverages you consume impact your health, your brain, and your performance.

Today, we discuss fuel trafficking and we start the conversation on how artificial sweeteners are wreaking havoc on our metabolism and our brains.

Dr. Ann de Wees Allen, Chief of Biomedical Research at the Glycemic Research Institute, and I break down how the fuels we consume are identified and then directed to specific pathways that deliver them to a destination.

THE PROBLEM: Getting the right fuels, in the correct amount for what you are trying to accomplish and then getting those fuels on the right pathway.

THE CURVEBALL: Artificial sweeteners and excessively sweet sugar substitutes are misinterpreted by the brain and may even alter the part of the brain that controls metabolism with potentially lasting consequences!

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Let’s get the facts and set the record straight.

Fuel trafficking on this month’s episode of “The Science of Sweetness.”

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