Jim Fannin Show: 7 Tips To Reset 2019

Welcome to the Jim Fannin Show!  This week’s episode is about the Teeter Totter Effectand how to reset your 2019 performance to a championship level.

His putting was amazing.  Everything that he rolled found the cup.  If he could only have more opportunities, but his iron play was off.  He either pulled it or pushed it and his accuracy was inconsistent and unpredictable.  Fast forward one week…“My iron play has come around,” he gloated.  I’m striping it! I just wish I could buy a putt.”  The Teeter-Totter Effect™ has arrived.

This up and down, on again and off again performance is prevalent in life, business, and sports.  Fix your marriage…struggle with parenting.  Fix your finances…can’t fit into your pants because you’ve gained an extra 15 pounds.  How do you fix the inconsistencies?  How do you quell the wild fluctuations in your life?

Welcome to the Teeter-Totter Effect

When you are focused on one thing, it’s easy to forget something else.  Focus on your swing and you don’t focus on your stance.  Focus on your forehand and you forget to pay attention to your serve.  The Teeter-Totter Effect™ is normal.  It happens to everyone.  It is commonplace.

When you focus on one aspect of your life, golf game or business, remind yourself to still remain positive about the items that don’t have your full attention.  Refuse to put them down.  Don’t talk about them as if they are real living things.  “My swing is letting me down,” I recently heard from a client.  Really?  You are letting you down!

Eliminate negativity when any part of your sport, business or life suffers from your lack of intention or neglect.  Avoid negative thoughts and statements when things don’t meet your expectations.

The champion works on all parts of his or her life, business or sport.  The difference is they remain steadfast in holistically seeing the sum of their parts as the best.  Weaknesses are not weaknesses.  They are areas of growth.  They are challenges that inspire the champion in thinking and acting positive.

To combat the Teeter-Totter Effect™ extreme positivity must be in force.  Have no thoughts of being a victim or a judge.  And it ‘s the irate and disappointed judge in you that disrupts the playground with a mental sledgehammer to the low end of the teeter-totter.

Balance is the key to a successful life.  Thought equilibrium will keep you at a high daily standard and from here it’s a short hop away to a peak performance Zone state.

Recently, a young golfer was riding the highs and lows of the Teeter-Totter Effect™.  He pledged he would start selling himself on the awesomeness of himself.  Five days and nights in a row his positive self-talk was exemplary.  He was the poster guy for positive belief and expectancy.  When a part of his game was down, he pictured it up.  Relentless was his positivity!  Results of 67-66-72 arrived and victory was his reward.

How do you escape from the positive-negative Teeter-Totter Effect™?  Create your daily standard or your individual performance standard?   This is a minimum requirement for a satisfactory performance, according to you.

It’s been about a little over nine months since you set your annual vision and goals for 2019.  How are you doing?  Do you stay the course?  What do you adjust? Do some of your challenges keep you up at night? Is it time for a reset?

In the month of October four people told me in different ways, “I’m at a dead end!”  Each spoke of their job, relationship, parenting, family, health or life in general.  This is a doom and gloom thought and self-fulfilling prophecy about one’s plight.  Each person needs a reset.

What’s going on? Where’s the positive, upbeat spirit? Before the year is over, consider a “reset” for your business, family, wellness, or significant other. Today marks the start of your sprint to close Q4 strong.  You can still accomplish a lot in this quarter.

“Hope” is ready when you are

Sometimes a dead end can be reached in a relationship.   You’ve tried everything to no avail.  The chemistry is not what it used to be. Thoughts have turned to greener pastures and the guilt of that is overwhelming.  You feel at an impasse. “What am I to do?”

Your business can have stagnant sales and diminishing profits.  Analyzing every line item on the profit & loss statement and there is still no visible traction for a rebound. Despair, depression and anguish abound. And worry…it can envelope a psyche like a winter quilt.  The dead end has been reached.  Or has it?  Maybe you need a reset.

Your child and you were inseparable.  She or he couldn’t wait to go shopping with you or play a game or a sport?  Remember those days?  Now the teenager in the upstairs room refuses to look you in the eye.  Helping you around the house is approached with eye-rolls and dread.  Is this your kid?  What happened to the bond?  Where’s the 2-way communication?  Is grunting an answer really an answer?  Have you dangled the old, “Wait until your 18?” or “When I was your age…” and found a glazed-over look like the shark in Jaws. Are you at a dead end with the child in the house?  Could be time for a reset.

  1. Renewed confidence is a must. Seek the one or two positives from your current position.  Sell you on the “awesomeness” of you.  Pitch yourself on your talent that can meet any challenge and overcome any obstacle. Change your inner dialogue to “possibility” and “solutions.”  Do this! Write a 60-second commercial on the “awesomeness” of you.  State your name like you are the “man” or “woman.” Motivate the “inner you” by verbally spouting this infomercial to the universe.  Try this self-talk soliloquy tonight and every night for the next 7-10 days. Sell you on you.


  1. Untether your thoughts. Mentally walk away from your last six-month challenges for 24-48 hours.  Get out of the hypothetical car, walk away from the illusionary dead end and leave the road you’ve been traveling. Take a psychological hiatus.  Never fear.  Your subconscious will continue to work on the challenge without your conscious thought.  Within 48 hours of conscious silence, optional solutions will reveal themselves.  Trust this.  In fact, sometimes the situation or circumstance works itself out without interference.


  1. Balance is the key. Placing all your “happy eggs” in one basket or arena of your life can prove disastrous when things go south.  Know that you are more than a businessperson, parent, sibling, or significant other.  Write all your life arenas on a blank sheet of paper, keeping them segregated.  Draw circles or squares to symbolize the various aspects of your life.  Set a vision for each with only a few corresponding goals.  Once this simple blueprint is created, then see where your thoughts have been? Share positive thoughts across all aspects of your life. Create positive reality shows within each life part with the script written with success in mind.  Know you are more than one aspect of life.


  1. Eliminate negativity. Which life arena houses the most negativity?  Contain it and change it.  Immunize yourself from the negative people in this part of your life. Delete the people that can easily be deleted, although this is not always easy.  Change the negative people by inspiring and motivating them.  Take the “higher road” by not allowing anyone to weigh you down.  Refuse negativity. Chin up.  Can you finish the year with this mindset?


  1. Restructure the situation. It may be time to change strategy and tactics pertaining to your goal achievement.  Reorganize personnel within your business.  Rearrange priorities.  Review the responsibility, authority and accountability of your co-workers, family members, etc.  It may be time to add, delete or reaffirm them.  Be decisive.


  1. Double-down on visualization. It may be time to increase visualizing what you want.  Picture visions and goals the first thing as you awake and the last thing at night before sleep.  Repetition is the key to facilitating swift results.


  1. Close 2019 strong and launch your greatest year ever…2020. Do you have a sense of urgency?  Not in a panic way but a “I know I am a champion and this is not acceptable” way. Refresh, renew or replace your current goals. Control what you can control these remaining days of Q4.  With your blueprint for Q4 tucked up under arm, be the champion.  Act the part!


Hit the ground running.  No more dead ends.  Have an open road to whatever you want in life.  Have you made a few “dead end” mistakes this year?  Take these life lessons and utilize their teachings for a better you.  Part of a successful life is the understanding of what you don’t want, while removing it forever. Learn from your errant ways and move on swiftly.

Envision a clear pathway to a better relationship.  See your family with peace and harmony.

Visualize more money and more fun acquiring it.  Mentally embrace a healthy ending to 2019.  Picture your wellness at an all-time high.  And foresee your teenager asking you to “hang out.”

Take down the rear view mirror. Map your life’s path avoiding all dead ends. Get started now.  What are you waiting on?

Be in the Zone!®

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