Dark To Light: An In Depth Review Of Flynn (And A Side Of Fake Impeachment)

An analysis heavy Wednesday show is in order and it is dominated by two topics: the testimony of William Taylor and a good breakdown of the Flynn case and new information that has come to light in a filing we have yet to see by Sidney Powell.

First, Beanz breaks down some history about William Taylor, the man who texted about a Ukranian quid pro quo without there being one to text about. Frank and Beanz break down some history and Beanz hints at an upcoming story they are working on.

Next, it’s a summary, clips, and breakdown of the new information soon coming to light in regards to General Michael Flynn. What does Sidney Powell have in store?

In between, the pair touch on some SpyGate information, the mysterious case of the missing Lindsey Graham, the tweet heard round the world from Chuck Grassley, and what the FBI may be hiding from the rest of us. Also, some interesting thoughts on Vice President Michael Pence.

All of this and more in a jam-packed Dark to Light!


Sidney Powell on Hannity

The GOP is angry about “minders” looking over their shoulder

Opening Statement of Ambassador William Taylor


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