Jim Fannin Show: Are You Exercising Your Independence?

Happy 4th of July everybody!  In this episode of the Jim Fannin Show, I discuss independence and the pursuit of happiness within your daily life, business or sport.

What is happiness? Learn what it is and how you can achieve it every day.

See who was happy and in the Zone last week.

  • University of Illinois alum Steve Stricker wins the US Senior Open Champion
  • Client Zack Collins called up to major leagues hitting his first HR ever
  • S. Women’s National Soccer Team reaches World Cup Finals
  • Coco Gauff officially arrives on the world stage in major Wimbledon upset.
  • Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins sets world record as 103-year old sprinter.
  • Small group of Guatemalan villagers

New Rules! Since 1900, average life expectancy around the globe has more than doubled. Check out my 125th birthday party to celebrate longevity.  Yes…you are invited.  It’s November 4th, 2064. Please RSVP.

As usual we drive up to the Zone Café and place our order for the missing link needed for peak performance. What are you missing?

What is Independence? It is the single most prized possession of ALL mankind. It can lead you through hardship and anguish. It provides freedom of choice and with our personal “free will” the choices are many. In America we have freedom from the control, influence, support, or aid of others.

Listen to your options of choice.

Independence.  It’s the American Way.

  • Are you exercising your independence? I take a deep dive into your personal finances, parenting, relationships, wellness, business, and friends.
  • Hear their stories. The lure of opportunity and a need to succeed brought these drivers to my doorstep. They chose Uber, taxi, limo or Lyft because of the flexible hours, pay, and freedom it provided to pursue their educational or entrepreneurial ambitions.

Listen up America!  Exercise your individual INDEPENDENCE.  Do NOT sit on the sidelines and be complacent.  Do NOT complain about your plight.  Do NOT act like a victim of the system.  Do NOT judge others. Do NOT see your future without a well-planned blueprint. Do NOT hesitate to dream big.

Turn your dreams into reality.  You still have INDEPENDENCE.  Wield it in a positive way and set your sights on a bright future.  Good fortune favors the bold!

Have your greatest 3rd quarter ever.   Happy 4th of July!

Be in the Zone!

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