Live Bold & Boss Up: How To Create A Podcast

Live Bold & Boss UpSteph & Ash talk about how to create your own podcast. We get lots of questions around this, and this is just a passion of ours, but we share our ideas and tips that we have learned along the way.


  • What’s your WHY? What do you want to share?
  • Choosing a topic and name
  • Show and episode format
  • Cover art creation
  • Intro and outro music
  • Equipment selection
  • Audio recording & editing software
  • Talking into a mic (sounds simple enough)
  • Recording guests (zoom)
  • Podcast host – we use Radio Influence!
  • Submission to Apple Podcasts (iTunes) & other directories (Spotify)
  • Promotion tips
  • Show notes
  • YouTube
  • Podcast page

If you have any questions you want to send in and have answered them on the air or would like to chime in on today’s show, e-mail us at

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