Live Bold & Boss Up: Never Forget A Name Again! – Tips To Improve Your Memory

Live Bold & Boss UpHave you been in the situation where you just met someone and poof you instantly – I mean right always as it leaves their mouths and hits your ears you then forget what they said? Do you find it hard to recall important facts that you really need to know? How about telling everyone “oh I’m terrible with remembering names or facts or that stuff!” Not anymore!

Today, we have got the keys to unlock that big sexy brain of yours!

Boss Bites

• First, you must get those distractions under control. Don’t multitask!
• No Cramming! It’s easier to remember if you spread smaller chunks of information across a longer period of time
• A good brain diet, exercise, and adequate sleep is important to you
• Mnemonics can help you remember certain facts or information. They can come in the form of a song, rhyme, acronym, image, phrase, or sentence. Mnemonics help us remember facts and are particularly useful when the order of things is important.
• Rest periods are important when studying and trying to remember large amounts of information – take a shower, walk, or mediation will help give your brain a break so you can recall the information when needed.
• Take notes! Writing down other details and also making charts, pictures, etc with help job your memory.

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