Dark To Light: One More Day To Go

IToday, we go over what has happened over the past several days, between the signing of the bill, the explosion in Nashville, election interference, and election fraud, as well as talk a little about the rebellion percolating with COVID. Business owners and Americans have had enough.

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Angry American restaurant owner

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2 Responses

  1. C.E.

    Bards of War, Bards FM, Youtube channel has posted the petition which answers your questions re: When are the people going to fight back? Where is the Truckers Strike? When are people going to stop paying taxes? Check out Bards Scott Kesterson.

  2. Jason Blocker

    I gotta say, President Trump pushing the whole vaccine thing with operation Warp Speed is a conundrum. I have followed Q since the summer of 2018 which was how I was red pilled and I believe there is a plan (isn’t there always?) but it’s very hard to determine how much of what we’re seeing is part of the plan vs moves and counter moves and if we’ve gotten away from the plan based on unforeseen developments, where does that leave us now? Considering the presumed fact that there are patriots in the US government and military who are and have been aware of the nature and level of infiltration and subversion by enemy combatants into our government institutions as well as the private sector in what is modern warfare, it seems logical and reasonable to assume that these patriots, especially in the military, would have analyzed and game played every conceivable scenario; every possible move and counter move, contingency after contingency, and planned out every step as much as possible with the understanding that there would be certain developments that couldn’t be fully anticipated and therefore would’ve created their plan with a certain amount of flexibility to allow for improvisation but not at the expense of the mission at hand which is to defeat the enemy and protect the American people from all threats, both foreign and domestic. So I am hopeful that we are still on track to win this war and that what we’re seeing has been planned for at least to some degree, and hopefully when it’s all said and done we will see how everything fit together and marvel at the sophistication, brilliance, and technically advanced war strategy and the way in which it was executed. I pray to God that I am right. God bless and thank you Frank and Tracy for the incredible work you both do.


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