Live Bold & Boss Up: Sh*t Keeps Coming – Get It Together With Lauren Menendez

Live Bold & Boss UpSteph and Ash sit down with one of their besties, Lauren Menendez, to talk about how she attributes being organized, assertive, and confident to the success she has today. Lauren is a licensed interior designer and account executive, CI Group, a restaurant owner of two awesome restaurants – Graze 1910 Armature Works and Graze South Tampa – and a stepmother to two with a new baby on the way.

How does she keep it together when shi*t keeps coming?!

Boss Bites
• Having a good culture & supportive leaders are hugely important in helping you be successful.
• Having confidence helps build trust. People will believe in you.
• Dress the part…know your client’s environment, or if you are interviewing…know the environment you are stepping in to.
• When working with your spouse, it’s important to stick to your roles and not cross lanes.
• Great life lessons start when you are young.

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