Dark To Light: May The 4th Be With You

It’s an awesome Monday show where we deduce a lot of the weekend drips of information and go over some more details found in an over the weekend dig of the FISA report.

Then, we recap some of our interview with Svetlana Lokhova and we talk to everyone about what the conversation with Lee Smith will be on our Wednesday show (YES! He is back!!).

Finally, we share some sad news but we pick it up with “Carol Baskin” and end the show off positive and starting a new week! Hat tip to Maria Bartiromo for holding feet to the fire this weekend.

Until Wednesday!


Lee Smith on American Thought Leaders

Maria Bartiromo goes after Lindsay Graham


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  1. Mary Workman

    I cannot believe that you, Tracy, would support and endorse Tic Toc. Either you are completely principled or you’re out for fame.


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