Jim Fannin Show: 7 Tips To Eliminate Holiday Stress

Welcome to the Jim Fannin Show! The holidays are here and this week’s episode is all about managing holiday stress. I hope you’re enjoying this season with great energy and spirit. For many, this time of year is filled with happiness and joy, while creating everlasting “frozen in time” memories. For others, this season can be filled with stress, worry, anxiety and even depression.

This week, I discuss:

  • Positive Thought of the Week.
  • Who’s in the Zone?
  • Four trigger points that raise holiday stress levels.
  • 7 tips to eliminate holiday stress.
  • The Zone Café.
  • 2020 is upon us.

This is an awesome time of year! Make great things happen. It’s totally up to you. Fully engage with the people you love.  Be mindful of everyone’s mood and demeanor. Inspire all you meet and greet to be in the Zone. It’s contagious so spread the positivity of this “purposeful calm” mindset.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me at askjim@jimfannin.com.

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