Jim Fannin Show: The Mental Migration Of Hope

Welcome to the Jim Fannin Show!   Today’s episode is all about hope.

Hope:  the feeling of wanting something to happen and thinking that it could happen: a feeling that something good will happen or be true.

Do you want a better life? Of course, you do! Do you have hope?  Is your hope relentlessly consistent?  Does it fluctuate, depending on the day?

It may be time to migrate to a different mindset. Today, tens of thousands of refugees from various countries are fleeing the negatives of their situation, condition or circumstance. They collectively run from religious, political and social oppression with all seeking a refuge of independence, freedom, and possibility.   Many leave their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs.

Mental migration (although not physical) is a similar journey of hope.  Would you like to be free from worry, anxiety and negative stress? Are you fatigued from the negative rhetoric of our times? Tens of millions of people from various backgrounds are making their personal, psychological and spiritual journey to a better life. This phenomenon is happening now. People around the world want freedom from negativity, while they pursue their vision of prosperity. This positive quest for a new beginning requires discipline, focus and of course, hope.  Above all, it requires courage to change.

Positive mental transformation always necessitates releasing or letting go of what does not serve you now.

In the 1880’s American pioneers seeking a better life met their geographical challenges of mountains, rivers, deserts and plains by lessening their loads. Many mountain passes that offered trails over the Rocky Mountains into California were littered with discarded pianos, china, farm equipment and personal belongings. Similar to our forefathers, carrying your burdens with you as you travel your mental journey for simplicity, balance and abundance is an arduous, if not impossible task.  You must discard what slows you down.

I once asked four young professional athletes to run three, separate 100-yard races on three subsequent days.  Once each race was over their individual times were recorded.  They were only competing for their best individual time.

Prior to the 1st race they were asked to think about the challenges in their sport as they ran.  These thoughts while running produced each runner’s worst performance.

Prior to the 2nd race they were asked to think about their vision for success, as if it was waiting for them at the finish line.  Thinking about their vision produced the fastest times for all in the race.

Prior to the last race they were giving no instructions but to run as fast as they could.  Although the race times were close to each runner’s best, the results showcased their 2nd best result.

Running with the burden of their challenges produced the worst result, while running with hope produced their best.

As you experience the remaining days of 2019, it may be time to release everything in your life that is holding you back. This includes negative thoughts and emotions, bad physical and mental habits, unhealthy relationships, old hurts, jealousies, grudges, resentments, and regrets. Anything that burdens your mind needs to be released before you can ascend to a more peaceful and purposeful life.

Place on one sheet of paper your independent life arenas of Self (this includes your nutrition, spirituality and physical wellbeing), Finance (personal), Career/job, Friends, Parenting, Relationship, Son or Daughter, Sibling and or Hobby.

Ask yourself these questions as you review each arena. Let your answers inspire you toward a better life.

  • What do I want?
  • What do I need to cleanup or revamp?
  • What do I need to give up or eliminate?
  • What people do I need to add, change, remove or avoid?
  • What habits do I need to remove, adjust or add?

If you are already on this mental journey, you may need to re-ask these questions.  If you are just starting, then you may need to give them more judicious thought and care.

Even though many migrants are unsure of their fate, all have one thing in common.


Hope for a better place than where you are right now.  Hope that knows if you stay where you are, hope will soon diminish.

See what you want.  Understand and accept the challenges.  Know the possible risks. Commit to action with a sense of urgency. Receive addition by subtraction. Purposefully move with hope to your place of simplicity, balance and abundance.  Can you have it all?  Yes…when you’ve reduced your load.

As you run with hope, don’t forget to give hope to others that may need a helping hand.  At a recent party I witnessed hope being packaged, soon be delivered through an act of kindness. I asked several people gathered on an outside balcony, “What is on your bucket list?” The answers were varied with “Walk the Great Wall of China,” “Visit the ancient ruins of Manchu Picchu in Peru,”  “Run with the bulls in Pamplona,” and “Tour the world in 90-days.”  Then I asked 6’6” 260+ lb. Albert and without hesitation he said, “Buy a house for a homeless man.”   Stunned silence arrived.  A man this big would be expected to have big dreams and a big bucket list.  Not Albert!  His instant thought was an image of a future kind act that seeks no fanfare or ballyhoo.  It turned out he has had this thought for some time and he is determined to manifest this vision of kindness.  His savings account was growing with kind deposits of money in order to deliver hope to the hopeless.

Offering a kind act with no thought of a personal return eludes most people in our chaotic, selfish world today.  However, kind acts delivered with love and caring do have positive returns for the giver.  We feel better.  We feel proud.  We feel hope. It even bolsters our self-esteem. The receiver of an unsolicited, compassionate act typically reflects genuine gratitude and it is this return that places this experience in indelible ink inside the skulls of both participants.

My friend Jimmy donates time and money to help a disabled friend every month with errands or chores.  He never complains or seeks recognition.  He just does it because he is a kind soul.

America has always been a nation with a big heart of giving.   It begins with us.  With your personal beacon of hope, give a smile of kindness.  This costs nothing but good intention.  Offer to cut your elderly neighbor’s grass, volunteer at your local youth center, or donate time or money to a local charity.

Recently, I was on a crowded bus taking me to my rental car and an elderly woman got on board with no place to sit.  A little voice whispered in my ear, “Get up and give her your seat!”  Thanks Mom.  I learned my kindness from you.

Run with hope.  Be kind.  America needs you!

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