Jim Fannin Show: How Did Mom Always Know?

In this week’s Jim Fannin Show, it’s all about intuition. Intuition is a psychological tool that we all have access to use.  However, many of us never wield  its power and often dismiss its warnings and unsolicited advice.  This is unfortunate. Intuition possesses real-time information that your conscious mind does not possess.

In this episode, I recollect my Mother’s uncanny intuition and how she acted on it to raise an only child…me.

“How did you know, Mom?” I asked.  “A little bird told me,” was her standard reply.

At age 13 I had a crush on the daughter of one of the richest families in town. My new love connection began showering me with small gifts. How cool was that? I was smitten with her and enthralled with the wealth she represented. You could fit six of our little house into her family’s mansion. What did I know? Nothing. I was mentally glazed over like a donut. Listen to what my mother made me do.  How did she know?

“A little bird told me.”

A few months later my best friend and I concocted a story that we would be having a sleepover at each other’s house. It was the oldest trick in the book. I told my parents I was going to his house for the night and he told his parents he was going to mine. We planned to roam the city with mischievous minds and sleep under the stars with no parental watch. Learn what happened and see how my Mom dealt with my mischievous ways.

Now off to college… It was my off-season on a tennis scholarship in late October, and partying was governing most of my thoughts and actions. My grades had plummeted as my self-absorbed ego was on the prowl with unbridled zeal. Yes. I was a rock star…at least in my mind. I had settled into a bar stool at the local college hangout, Sammy’s. Nursing my 5th beer I suddenly felt the air sucked out of the room. Listen to what happened next….you won’t believe it!

It was a year later and I made a surprise visit to see my former high school sweetheart who was enrolled in the University of Kentucky, located hundreds of miles away. Although we went to different schools, we still communicated by letter and phone as if we were the couple most likely to succeed. I had made the trip in six hours and couldn’t wait to see her shocked face when I arrived.  What happened next was a severe blow to my ego…How did Mom always know?

“A little bird told me.”

What is the missing link in attracting the Zone while tapping into your sixth sense? As I walk you through the Zone Café, you’ll discover what you need to be a peak performer.

  • If you’re a parent, listen to your gut regarding your children. Act on it.
  • If you’re a businessperson, listen to your inner voice. If can look around corners and see the future.  Trust your  Be decisive.
  • If you’re a golfer and the intuitive whisper says, “6-iron” and you’re holding a 7-iron ready to hit your approach shot, you know what to do. Hit your 6-iron!
  • And if you’re a teenager, know that Mom is never far away. If you are being mischievous and you notice a small bird in a tree, be careful what you say and do.  It could fly your secrets straight to Mom.  She is all knowing…but you know that already!

Have an awesome Zone week!

Be in the Zone!

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