Jim Fannin Show: The Best In The World Don’t Overthink

Each new challenge in life comes with its own set of pressures. As we’ve discussed in past episodes, you do need good stress (eustress) to get into a Zone state. However, too much stress does not produce the desired results.

Since the tournament’s inception in 1877, The Championships, Wimbledon has carried extra stress for professional tennis players. The grass court can be unpredictable. The weight of tradition can take a toll as a young player steps into one of sports most hallowed arenas. Plus, playing in front of British Royalty can really mess with your head!

This week, four time Wimbledon doubles champion, former world’s #8 and current BBC broadcaster Peter Fleming joins the Jim Fannin Show to discuss clearing away the mental clutter with the S.C.O.R.E.® Success System. As a former tennis pro with an accomplished winning record with his doubles partner, John McEnroe, Peter has seen it all regarding the pathway to greatness.

In this episode you’ll learn:

• Which Wimbledon contestant may be “out of shape” and NOT top seeded but possesses the mentality of any player to win it all.

• How Oregon State pitcher Kevin Abel is a shining example of concentration, as he threw a two-hitter to clinch the College World Series and cap off an amazing two year run in which the Beavers won an astounding 111 out of 130 games.

• The two most powerful words and how to leverage them to success.

• How and why the 90-Second Rule™ (official toolbox of the S.C.O.R.E.® Success System) was created.

• One of Jim’s top five most embarrassing moments that happened while coaching his player on Wimbledon’s center court.

• The stats that prove this may be the most exciting season of competition ever in the legendary rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.

Good News: How more than 200 people per day are transitioning from legal blindness to being able to pass a driver’s test thanks to a simple procedure.

• The amazing story of former Detroit Lions wide receiver Ryan Broyles who lived on $60,000 per year during his pro football career and has flipped those savings into a real estate empire.

Also, I answer a question from the “Ask Jim” Mailbag, “How do I best get into “relaxation and bum mode” during vacation.

Finally, we place our orders at the Zone Café as we send you out for an awesome Zone Week!

Be in the Zone™!

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Each week Jim will focus the show on the peak performance mindset called the Zone. With his vast experience working with the best of the best, Jim will deliver the goods on who’s currently IN the Zone, who’s NOT and how you can find your own Zone pathway to success.

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  • World’s #1 pro golfer; 10 different pro golfers to their first victory; LPGA major Champion; 3 NCAA champions; 8 time Big Ten golf champions; World’s #1 golf instructor
  • Olympic gold medalists
  • 2 MLB Hall Of Famers; 5 MLB MVPs; 26 MLB All Stars; 4 Cy Young Award winners; NBA All Stars; NFL All Pros; World Cup players; MLS Cup champions; MLS MVPs
  • 7 World’s Top 10 pro tennis players; #1 pro from 16 different countries; 4x Wimbledon Doubles champion; World Davis Cup finalist;
    French Open champion; 7 National Amateur champions; 12 State Amateur champions
  • NCAA All Americans from six different sports
  • NCAA Coaches Of The Year; MLB Manager Of The Year; NBA Coach Of The Year
  • World Champion Poker players
  • New York Times Best Selling Authors
  • Academy Award winning director
  • Actors, authors, screenwriters, musicians, opera singers, country singers, artists, scientists, politicians, and two entire American cities (for real)

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