Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Planetary Intergalactic

On this week’s episode of “Dark to Light with Frank & Beanz,” we begin to explore and deconstruct just how deep the plot to usurp the will of the American people in the Presidential election was. We will talk about the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Report on “Russian Collusion” and what little gems were inside of the 256 pages. Then, we will get into some talk about the battle being waged here now, both spiritually and physically, illegal immigration, how getting and staying local can affect the national landscape, and oh…. we laugh some, too!

We hope you like it. Please see the below links for material referenced in the show and check us out on our socials!

Articles reference in this week’s show:

The House Permanent Select Committee Report
“WSJ: The FBI Hid A Mole In The Trump Campaign”

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4 Responses

  1. Divine Hammer

    Another killer episode of Dark to Light with Frank & Beanz! I especially liked it, when you two started waxing philosophical about where we could be headed, as a species. We create our own Reality, yo! Let’s make it a good one.

    Nothing but Love & Light for you both!

  2. Simplton22

    I’d like to hear what people think about this: Hillary Clinton was going to be everyone’s savior, she was going to win (they would make sure of that). So everyone was on board to lie, cheat and steal to get her in the WH. It failed. Now the dominos are falling and will continue fall for some time. And in the end, all these folks lives will have been ruined. And at the very root of it is Hillary Clinton. My question is this, at what point to these people start getting angry at Hillary for conning them into this mess and destroying their lives, careers and for some probably their freedom?

  3. maestrovoci

    I really enjoyed listening to the Friday show. Good, thoughtful content. I’m 75 on the outside and 35 on the inside, so I keep getting whiplashed generationally. My fellow oldsters, most of them, have packed it all in already, universally saying to each other, “We’re doomed!” But my 35 me, being OK with understanding technology of today, and more dimly of tomorrow (e.g., crypto) is lit when I hear you two talk. You are so centered, and despite whatever crap education you might have had to slog through, your thinking is really good, really sensible. Big helping of common sense, but not bogged down with micro-arguments on this issue or that. Thinking about who runs the country after the Trump era ends. Love that kind of musing-worrying.

    OK, keep going, you two! Thanks for Dark to Light.


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