This week Steph & Ash talk with MilkMate CEO, Patrice Meagher, and Taylor Cohen, Sr. Director of Strategic Growth. If you are a mom and have ever dealt with the challenge of breastfeeding in the workplace or are an employer that wants to create a great place to work and empower working moms, then you don’t want to miss this! Patrice is the mother of 4 children and founded MilkMate after spending the last 15+ years working in the corporate world where she breastfed, and breast pumped for all of her children even after returning from maternity leave. Patrice personally faced the indignities and inconveniences of pumping at work. She believed there had to be a better and more efficient alternative. In 2020 she conceptualized the MilkMate to empower working mothers to never have to choose between their newborn and their career and to enable employers to recruit and retain female talent. The MilkMate is an all-in-one, multi-user pumping system purpose-built for workplace environments paid for via subscription completely by the employer. Taylor joined MilkMate as an intern in 2022 while completing her MBA at Columbia Business School – and officially joined the team full time in June 2023. Taylor focuses on all things Operations, Strategy & Customer Experience for MilkMate.

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