Just how long does it take to become a Top Performer?

There is an Ebb and Flow to Athlete Development, its a Long Game and there are No Short Cuts!

We know the process of athlete and player development operates on a timeline. Unfortunately, if the timeline becomes skewed and/or corrupt you have NO chance of reaching your True Potential.

Could we be Destroying more Talent than we are Creating?

With the greatest of intentions, we want the very best for our athletes right now but as we rush our athletes toward perfection and top performance, are we sacrificing the very process that is designed to create that top performance.

Where exactly do top performers come from?

What do they do differently from everyone else?

Is there a process for optimum development and if yes, what does that process look like?

Understanding the Long Game of Athlete & Player Development is crucial to reaching one’s potential and a vital part of Creating Coachable Players.

We break it all down so you can move forward with purpose on this week’s episode of Krush Performance.

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