Cindy Schonholtz, pro rodeo consultant, chats with Heidi about animal welfare, public perception, and where things stand today with attempts to ban rodeos in certain states and municipalities. You will hear often on the podcast, this outcry for outright bans does NOT overwhelmingly come from those who attend and/or participate in rodeos or other animal events, but rather from groups who philosophically and emotionally do not believe we should interact with or utilize animals. These people who are the vocal minority, the animal rights groups, do not speak for most people but yield the loudest voice and use tactics like threatening sponsors of events. Cindy is also the President of the Animal Welfare Council, whose mission is preserving the important Human/Animal Bond. Sit tight in your saddle as we rope you in with this informative and lively conversation. Let’s Rodeo!

Episode Links
PRCA Animal Welfare Standards
Animal Welfare Council Welfare vs Rights
‘ROPED’ – Forrest Lucas Films

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