A show gone off schedule today, but great nonetheless. We start with a great review of Super Tuesday results and then move to the SCOTUS decision about the Colorado ballot. As we move into the Fani Willis debacle, we go LIVE to the Senate hearing, where Beanz helps dissect some of what is happening, and we close out there. Links to the hearing are below so you can watch back later. We will see you Friday!

The Firearms “Expert”: https://twitter.com/DreaMGriff28/status/1765168714117414932
Super Tuesday results: https://apnews.com/projects/election-results-2024/virginia/?r=47931
Fani Willis Senate Hearing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov6w_hkv0Uk
New information: https://twitter.com/PhilHollowayEsq/status/1764753098810024310/photo/1

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