It was predicted that over 110 million people were going to sit down to watch the Super Bowl LVIII.

It’s a staggering number – and the very reason companies are willing to pay $7 million to air a 30 second commercial…. probably money well spent in the big picture.

Today we dive back into the Krush Mail bag to answer questions from the Krusher’s.

There have been some great questions, comments, feedback and yes even smart remarks, which I love.

And with the spectacular wrap up to the NFL season we just witnessed we are going to kick this episode off with a football question BUT NOT before we quickly talk about the Super Bowl.

What is the greatest show in sport? We find out.

And, I share a great success story I just came across. It confirms once again that there no single path to the top.

Questions from the Krusher’s: I wanted to address some of the questions from our in-box and social media.

We discuss questions addressing:

· Individualization for athlete and player development and what it looks like.

· How your Focus can be derailing your performance & what you should be focusing on to performance at your best.

· The downside of Energy Drinks, Caffeine & Sugar, how they can derail your performance.

· Strategies for addressing Stress and Anxiety.

Our Goal has always been to get you thinking about things you might not be thinking about.

This week you get us thinking as we answer Questions from the Krusher’s.

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