Jason and Daniel kick off this episode with some general MMA banter in relation to Saturday’s UFC 298 before they discuss a tweet about Power Slap from Bloody Elbow. They get into the perception online about Power Slap, and whether or not it should be consider a spot.

Then they get into the comments by Dana White that he will be announcing the main event of UFC 300 on Saturday night at the UFC 298 Post Fight Press Conference.

After touching on various UFC 300 topics, the guys get into their preview of UFC 298 and give their picks for the fights that will be on the pay-per-view. And they wrap up this episode by discussing the WTF moment of the week.

Links Mentioned:
Bloody Elbow Tweet: https://twitter.com/BloodyElbow/status/1756184120747590106
Eric Pringle vs. Thiago Santos groin strikes: https://youtu.be/A0Jrwh3D1Ms?si=9KBKpMwf8GMbl7n0
Dana White Comments on UFC 300: https://youtu.be/46F6Y_LgKhA?si=VAMOpH-m1jO2y9sy

Time Marks:
0:00 Intro
4:50 Bloody Elbow Tweet on Power Slap
23:40 UFC 300 Main Event Announcement Timetable
38:30 UFC 298 Preview
57:10 WTF Moment of the Week

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