The editor-in-chief of George Magazine addresses never envisioning America being in such a critical state; his journeys from liberal to conservative/celebrity photographer to Donald Trump’s personal photographer during his historic 2016 presidential campaign; his desire/hope to unite Americans; Trump the demanding boss; Trump is the same on and off camera; shameful attempts to destroy Trump’s legacy; Joe Biden has unified us negatively; all about George Magazine; Colin Kaepernick re-visited; America uniting in Jesus; maybe a little bit of gun control; demonizing those on the right; backstories to his best-selling book, “Trumpography”; his through-the-lens perspective.

Information for Gene Ho :

Upcoming Podcasts: Mel K (Available 2/20); Rebecca Friedrichs; Trevor Loudon; Tracy Beanz.

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2 Responses

  1. Frances Gillespie

    Dear Gary,
    I love your choice of guests and especially Gene Ho. What an upbeat and wonderful conversation you are having.
    I am so happy that Gene came to our team. I could do better too if I were a dem but we have something far greater than “things” We have freedom and self respect. We have God whose laws are higher than man’s.
    We want the life we had before these marxists stole the election. We need a President who loves Americans. Yes he is demanding! He values excellent and he brings out the best in all of us. In this crazy world we are in, we need a strong business man to lead this Republic.

    We need Donald J. Trump to take our country back and make it a safe and wealthy nation. He has done it before and he can do it again.

    So glad that George Magazine is in good hands with Gene Ho!

    Sincerely, Frances P Gillespie

    • Gary Binford

      Thanks for commenting, Frances. Yes, Gene is quite a guy. I hung out with him in South Carolina and here in New York. Great times, both times. Our backgrounds are similar in that we both began as Democrats, switched sides and lost all of our previous friends. Oh well. We want to live in freedom and liberty. Several people I know on the left say they’d rather live under Communism than vote for Trump. I’m confident none of us will get that opportunity in 2024!!! Thanks for being a great patriot and a supporter of my podcast.


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