This week, Steph & Ash sit down with David Kahn, owner & President of Bespoke & co. Bespoke is a custom tailored clothing company for men & women aimed at helping people look and feel their best. What you wear goes way further than just how you look, it actually has more to do with how it makes you feel. Your appearance is often the first thing others notice about you. Dressing professionally can help form a positive impression to people you meet in the workplace. This is especially important for interviews and when meeting upper-level managers who make hiring and promotion decisions. David gives us some great insight on what to wear, benefits of dressing for success, and why dressing well helps you in overall self-improvement.

Boss Bites:
• Dressing professionally sends the message that you are serious about the work you do. It shows that you spend time and effort on your appearance, which demonstrates that you care about representing yourself well at work.
• You can do your best work when you feel your best.
• Even for remote workers, dressing well helps you get in the right mind set and impacts overall productivity.

Thank you to the Tampa Bay Wave for having us record in their amazing Podcast Studio!!

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