This week Steph and Ash talk to Jenna Paladino, President & Founder of Paladino Advocates. Jenna started off like most of us, working long hours reporting to someone. After her nanny was called “mom” by her son, she decided it was time to make a change. Jenna was the breadwinner of her family but decided to quit her job and start her own company where she was really making a difference in the world.

She tells us so many great tips to take if you want to start your own company one day. Jenna really making an impact as a lobbyist whose policy expertise includes value-based healthcare, hospice, home health, mental health, workers’ compensation, PTSD, Medicare, Medicaid, and non-profit healthcare. She inspires companies, motivates CEOs, and drives teams. She give us so many boss bites that you don’t want to miss!

Boss Bites

  • You make your path based on your passion.
  • If you find that level playing field with that high level client, or person that is unattainable that you finally meet, then it breaks down barriers.
  • You can’t start off as a consultant if you haven’t done the job first.

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