Steph & Ash talk this week with the very impressive, Austin & Grant Gappelberg, owners of the Hampton Chocolate Factory. The two brothers Austin and Grant grew up in the wonderful world of chocolate working summers in the Hampton Chocolate Factory since the ages of 13 and 11. Austin and Grant Gappelberg always dreamed of one day following in their family’s footsteps and opening their own Hampton Chocolate Factory. They just didn’t think it would happen in Tampa or so soon, considering they’re only 21 and 19 now. You can tell by our conversation with them, they aren’t just sitting back and letting things come to them…they are hustlers and hard workers. Instead of hanging out with friends they are at the store or around town promoting their chocolate.

Boss Bites:

  • Learning the hard way is sometimes the best way of learning.
  • Growing your business with social media and staying in the forefront of people’s minds is key.
  • Follow your passion and put everything into it.

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