Steph & Ash meet with Ande Johnson, Carly Evans, and Dan Guenther from Accenture to talk about the Metaverse! We get blown away in this conversation and learn how companies are working in the Metaverse on a daily basis. The Nth Floor is the virtual world at Accenture where employees around the globe can meet to discuss work topics, hang out, play basketball, onboard new employees, or have water cooler conversations. Implementing these new technologies can accelerate your company’s innovativeness, collaboration, and even costs in the long run. This conversation was out of this world!


  • The Metaverse is the next generation of computing
  • The “Nth Floor” at Accenture is a virtual world where employees around the world can interact together and strategize, hang out, or even can be used for onboarding.
  • Using Virtual Reality can eliminate travel time & costs for companies.
  • Companies are using Virtual Reality for Wellness and overall employee retention.

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