This week, Stephanie Markese and Ashley Jarocki of NextPath Career Partners talk to Emily Ghosh Harris, who is an entrepreneur, podcast host, and speaker. She is the Founder and CEO of Soul Media, a company focused on elevating conscious companies and entrepreneurs through intuitive marketing, brand strategy, public relations, and communications consulting. Soul Media supports clients across arts and entertainment, health and wellness, environmental and nonprofit arenas.

Emily received a Master’s Degree in Business and spent 15 years in the business world. Her personal path of self-discovery has drawn upon a deep love for astrology, neuroscience, psychology, and energy work all of which have assisted in her own embodiment journey and inspired her to combine spiritual tools and business principles in order to create a blueprint for greater energetic flow with the universe which she shares through one-on-one sessions and in group settings.

Eternally curious, Emily is the host of the international spiritual show The Soul Collective featuring interviews with inspiring individuals who are dedicated to serving humanity as we collectively ascend and raise consciousness. Her work has been featured in Thrive Global, Yogi Approved, SWAAY Magazine, Mindful Muze, and Insight Timer.


  • There is no business beyond progress…it’s never too late to rebrand!
  • You have to be open to receive to be able to receive
  • Live in an abundant mindset and so many great things can happen

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