Steph & Ash bring you the second half of their conversation with Dr. Jerry Smith, an American data scientist, computer scientist, and cognitive psychologist. He is predominantly known for his work in the field of causal artificial intelligence where he applies neurosciences to advance computational problem solving based on biologically inspired frameworks. For more than two decades, he has been at the forefront of solving and applying complex artificial intelligence problems for companies and governments. On a more personal note, Dr. Smith is one of the few individuals who ran nuclear reactors on submarines (USS Sam Houston) that later went on to fly jets (A-6 Intruder) from carries (USS Constellation, Connie). Dr. Smith is an author and filmmaker. Dr. Smith is often quoted as saying, “change the world, don’t just observe it.”


  • Affirmations scientifically affect the brain
  • The science behind how sleep relates to performance and how you process these affirmations is important to understand how it all works!
  • What is lucid dreaming and finding another way to biohack your life!

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