Live Bold & Boss Up: How To Run Effective Meetings

Live Bold & Boss UpSteph and Ash have a special guest, Dan Rodriguez, on to talk about running effective meetings. What meetings are appropriate? What is the agenda? How to make the most of your meetings. Stop wasting your time and check it out!

Boss Bites

  • Don’t plan meetings to plan meetings
  • Make sure the technology works beforehand
  • Send out an agenda beforehand
  • Don’t let the meeting run too long!
  • Log in a few minutes early to warm up, chit chat, and network
  • The upfront contract is a great technique to use to make sure you stay on track (Sandler Training technique)
  • Don’t multi-task when you are on a video meeting
  • Send a follow up to your attendees if you are the meeting planner
  • Take notes, whether you are the attendee or host.

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