Live Bold & Boss Up: Workin’ Mamas

Live Bold & Boss UpSteph & Ash address how do you balance being a working mom and having a family at home? Being in a role where you go into an office or work remotely, being organized, and trying to maintain a balance will help you keep your sanity.

Bold Bites

  • These times with kids are irreplaceable, make the most and BE PRESENT when you are with them
  • Emails and calls can wait
  • If working from home, create a workspace with little distractions and that the kids recognize as “yours”
  • Teach your kids the important of your work schedule and giving you some space
  • A flexible work environment helps A LOT! Our office has a “kids” room J
  • Have a sense of humor!
  • Whether is a career, volunteering, or being in the PTA – create a sense of purpose for you to look forward to.


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