The Valor Hour: Carter Beekman, Sam McAlpin, & The VFC 71 Picks Panel

Valor HourThis week on The Valor Hour, Valor Fighting Challenge matchmaker Tim Loy and Justin Watson are joined by Kory Weigel to chat with Carter Beekman and Sam McAlpin about their fights Friday night at VFC 71.

Then, those guys are joined by Jeff Hobbs, “The Ninja Turtle” Paul Teague, and Greg Hopkins for the VFC 71 Picks Panel, where the guys give their thoughts on each fight on Friday night’s VFC 71 card.

For ticket information to VFC 71 at The Cotton Eyed Joe in Knoxville, TN, click here.

Here’s the full fight card for VFC 71:

Combat Jiu Jitsu (205 lbs) – Robert David v Darren Hastings

Combat Jiu Jitsu (215 lbs) – Brian Jackson v Adam Silvey

Combat Jiu Jitsu (140 lbs) – Hannah Rosario v Emilee King

Catchweight Muay Thai (215 lbs) – Gabe Tayara v Landon Peppers

Catchweight MMA (195 lbs) – Timothy Blevins v Chad Finnerty

Middleweight MMA (185 lbs) – Gary Claxton v Shlomo Boyd

Featherweight MMA (145 lbs) – Daniel Gary v Dustin Garrett

Heavyweight MMA (265 lbs) – Taylor Burton v CJ Baker

Flyweight MMA (125 lbs) – Nick Ferguson v Ray Hewlett

Catchweight MMA (190 lbs) – Will Darley v Caleb Holt

Featherweight MMA (145 lbs) – Jasper Scott v Elijah Gilbertson

Middleweight MMA (185 lbs) – LaMarcus Johnson v Tommy Waller

Bantamweight MMA (135 lbs) – DeShawn Morton v Jackson Donovan

Middleweight MMA (185 lbs) – Jason Williams v Logan Dean

Featherweight Muay Thai (145 lbs) – Chance Keller v Daquane Sutton

Catchweight MMA (165 lbs) – Trip Hallman v Chris Bono

Featherweight MMA (145 lbs) – Bradley Breakfield v Nick Wigley

Heavyweight MMA (265 lbs) – Jamelle Taylor v Julian “Pooh” Goines

Featherweight MMA (145 lbs) – Jacob Raikes v Dan Boehle

Lightweight MMA (155 lbs) – Sam McAlpine v Brandon McGhee

MAIN EVENT: VFC Welterweight Title (170 lbs): Allen Miller v Carter Beekman


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