Live Bold & Boss Up: The Story Of Steph & Ash

Live Bold & Boss UpBefore posting a ton of content on professional and personal development, we decided it was a good idea to let you know who we are and why we started a podcast! Steph & Ash both have over 10 years’ experience in recruiting and are now partners and co-owners with a great team at NextPath Career Partners. Steph & Ash have also been best friends for 10+ years so do a twist on their bios by talking about each other’s background!

Bold Bites:
• Love what you do and who you work with and it won’t feel like work.
• Everyone has weaknesses, but have a partner that has strengths where your weaknesses are. Eventually, your weaknesses will be your strengths.
• Whether it’s in business or your personal life, be genuine and be yourself and you will make relationships that last a lifetime.
• When first meeting people take notes and follow up with them. You want to remember your connections and be remembered as well.
• Steph loves dogs.
• Ash has a wardrobe closet in the office.


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