Jim Fannin Show: Stress Is Good

Welcome to America’s most positive podcast, the Jim Fannin Show!  This show is dedicated to being in the peak performance mindset called the Zone.  It is here that you are at your genuine, authentic best self in all areas of life.

Humans need stress to reach peak performance. Stress is good. Managing stress is the challenge and that’s what this week’s episode is about.  In fact, you cannot be in the Zone without stress.  For real!

The discussion this week is about:

  • The pressure to be a New York Yankee.
  • Pressure and diamonds.
  • Eustress and how to use it for positive results.
  • What type of stress gets in your way?
  • Which life arena stresses you out the most?
  • The B2A PrincipleÔ and how it allows stress to work for you.
  • Three tools to manage stress especially when it arrives unannounced.
  • What to say and or do when your relationship is stressful.
  • The Zone Café and how to ascertain your weak link in peak performance.

Tomorrow is 1/365 of you reaching your 2020 vision and goals.  How are you doing?

Be in the Zone!®

If you have questions, comments, or something you want us to cover during our “Ask Jim” segment, you can email Jim directly and we’ll cover it on next week’s show!

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