Dark To Light: Iran, General Flynn, and Biden

On today’s episode of the Dark To Light Podcast,Frank and Tracy Beanz spend a fair amount of time in the beginning talking about the missile strikes on “American Bases” in Iraq and revisit an UncoverDC report from Harold Finch several months ago to give you an idea of what the ground looks like. Also, what was going on with that plane that crashed and what of the earthquakes?

Next, we move on to the travesty that is the General Flynn sentencing memo. What does it mean and what will General Flynn do?

We end with some updates in the Hunter Biden custody case and what it means for his financial history becoming public.

It really is a jam packed show. Please don’t miss it!


UncoverDC.com: The Iranian Nuclear Gambit

TechnoFog on Twitter about Gen. Flynn


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  1. stacey

    I am starting to think that Pelosi believes she is the President. It is the Presidents responsibility to address the nation on international situations. Additionally, she is trying to dictate the rules the Senate must operate under for their fake impeachment. I wish she would just do her job and quit wasting tax payer money on nonsense witch hunts and fake impeachments. Fix immigration and save the children she is so concerned about! Accomplish a budget as required and to avoid a government shut down!


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