Jim Fannin Show: Frozen In Time

Welcome to the Jim Fannin Show.  How was last week in terms of self-discipline and concentration?  What major objectives did you accomplish? With the holidays and our year-end objectives directly in front of us, a “purposeful calm” focus can easily be broken and even non-existent. Were you a Zone performer?  Did you focus on your tasks without being disturbed for a long period of time?

In this week’s 105th episode, I discuss “frozen in time” moments and provide more than a dozen tips to increase your concentration, while producing more positive memories as you move in the present tense to your positive future.

In addition, this week’s show is all about…

  • The “top five moments of your life” that are frozen in time. Imagine a life moment in the future that you will eventually add to your list.
  • How cartoons maximize concentration in our children and what you can learn to help your kids better their focus.
  • The two types of attention span.
  • Over a dozen “Focus Tips” for maximizing your concentration.
  • Who’s in the Zone? Learn about…
    • Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints
    • Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg
    • New York Yankees prized free-agent pitcher Gerrit Cole
    • LSU quarterback and leading Heisman candidate Joe Burrow
    • CleanseBot – World’s First Bacteria Killing Robot
    • My personal experience last weekend with the Green Berets.
  • The Zone Café. Here you can ascertain your weak link that prevents you from being a Zone performer (Zoniac).
  • The benefits my new sponsor Storyworth.com for you and how you can receive a $20 discount off your first purchase.

Here’s to you creating positive new memories that will tattoo you mentally with indelible ink.  Frozen in time…forever!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me at askjim@jimfannin.com.

Be in the Zone!®

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