Dark To Light: Happy Black IG Analysis Day

‘Twas the day after Thanksgiving and Frank and Beanz are here to go over the reporting as of late on the IG report, play some clips of Joe Digenova, and really talk about what may come and the disconnect in the greater conservative stratosphere.

Then, Ambassador Sondland has been incessantly attacked since appearing before the committee, what does this mean and where is it coming from?

Next, we get into a nice bit about the case of General Flynn and how that ties back in to the IG report, and finally, we end with a bit of lighthearted Mark Dice Black Friday bullhorning.

It was a great Friday show, brought to you by Cash Call Mortgage! See you on Monday!

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Tracy Beanz with Joe Digenova audio

Hong Kong Thanksgiving

General Flynn – Joint motion to amend briefing schedule

Benghazi: New information from brave whistleblowers


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