Dark To Light: Stelter Made A List

Today’s show is a nice review of the weekend as well as some information on corrupt Adam Schiff and a list made by Brian Stelter, read in a way only Frank can.

The NY Times and Washington Post both released pieces about the upcoming FISA Report, which captivated the news after President Trump called in to Fox and Friends. Was the piece legitimate and are everyone’s concerns valid or are these outlets attempting to whitewash the biggest scandal in political history?

Also, Victoria Nuland was a very bad girl at the State Department and Hublette makes us all laugh with her Tulsi Gabbard parody! Make sure to check out UncoverDC’s Daniel Bobinski’s company online at MyWorkplaceExcellence.com.



The Federalist: Blockbusters buried in the IG Report on FBI misuse of sources

Tracy Beanz’ Twitter thread on New York Times Disinformation

UncoverDC.com: Impeachment Motivations Part 1 – The Schiff/Ukraine Connection

Department of Justice: Former President of Transportation Company Found Guilty of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other crimes


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