Dark To Light: Nate Cain Tells His Story For The First Time

This is an episode for the ages. For the first hour, we are honored to be joined by a brave patriot in Nate Cain, who is an FBI whistleblower that provided information about the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One and more to Michael Horowitz and the HPSCI. His riveting story is shared with the audience on Dark to Light for the first time and you will not be able to look away.

Please send Nate well wishes, prayers, and support, and follow him on Twitter (@cain_nate). We are so thankful he joined us to finally talk about what happened to him and there are articles and letters from Congress to review in the show notes.

Next, Beanz flies solo for a special extra segment, where she goes over the last of the impeachment hearings, the FISA report, and more.

It may be one of the best episodes yet, brought to you by CashCall Mortgage.


Chuck Grassley seeks information about FBI raid on whistleblower Nate Cain’s home

Red State: FBI raids home of Uranium One whistleblower over documents that connected the Clinton Foundation

The Epoch Times: Grassley questions FBI over raid of Clinton Foundation, Uranium One whistleblower


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2 Responses

  1. Rick

    Tracey, It’s amazing that Nate comes across as an intelligent, thoughtful, patriotic American. Contrast him with the testimony and appearance of “Light Col.” Vindman. How in world did Vindman get promoted to a Senior Officer working in one of the most sensitive of positions in the NSC.

  2. Mark william lane

    Good old Christian Right. That’s how the Nazi’s finally seized power. Playing Socialist with bread crumbs in their left hand while bitch slapping with the right. Fascism is neoliberalism as capitalism is both. If god is on your side, and you got the guns, who can stand against you? Lol liberals, where? I haven’t heard a liberal in power since Richard Nixon. Lol


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