Dark To Light: Memes & Documents Release

The Monday show is full of information and discussion but we start on a bit of a lighter note as we explore the Left’s new strategy: Giving people step by step instructions on how to create organic memes. If that sounds insane, it’s because it is. How is Elizabeth Warren’s campaign trying to capitalize?

Next, we go over the documents that were released late Friday in the DOJ motion to dismiss the case brought against them by Andrew McCabe for wrongful termination. It turns out there was a hearty investigation into the Clinton Foundation being run out of FOUR FBI field offices and there isn’t any indication those stopped.

Then, we get in to some clips from Jim Jordan and Maria Bartiromo, as well as Steve Pieczenik’s take on what Nancy Pelosi is doing to herself and the Democrats, and we end with some socialism and a side of hypocrisy.

Very busy Monday show today on the Dark to Light Podcast!



DOJ’s response to Gen. Michael Flynn

The Conservative alternative to the Drudge Report: The Liberty Daily

DOJ’s Andrew McCabe filing


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