Dark To Light: Ukraine Just Won’t End

Frank and Beanz are in the saddle again with a jam packed show from start to slightly abridged end. Frank is leaving for a nice weekend trip but just couldn’t pull himself away to leave on time.

The show begins with talk about Rep. Elijah Cummings sudden passing and a thread by Trey Gowdy which prompted Beanz to tweet something that may be seen as controversial but was what a lot of people were thinking.

We then moved on to the Ukraine press conference with Mick Mulvaney yesterday and what exactly a quid pro quo is as well as how the media spins things to suit them.

Also, we talk about the Democrats self-incrimination, the Atlantic Council and Integrity Initiative, what’s next with the Emoluments Clause, and some information about the FISA report in this busy Friday episode of the Dark to Light Podcast!


Tracy Beanz’ controversial tweet about Elijah Cummings to Trey Gowdy

Mick Mulvaney on US Military aid for the Ukraine

UncoverDC.com: Why we need reliable new media sources

Margot Cleveland: The release of the IG Report on FISA Abuse

UncoverDC.com: Four answers we should find in the FISA Report


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