Dark To Light: We Keep Whistling

This Monday, we hit a bunch of topics on the podcast. We start with a Fox and Friends clip from this morning where Dan Bongino does the standup thing and calls out people on Fox News who are purposefully obfuscating the story in Ukraine. We then move on to an altercation between Senator Ron Johnson and Chuck Todd that demonstrates the craziness the legacy media has devolved into.

Next, we talk about President Trump’s decision to leave Turkey and we also talk about Glenn Beck’s piece on Ukraine and Kanye West winning the culture war.

It’s all on this Monday edition of the Dark to Light Podcast!


Fox News: Dan Bongino reacts to second whistleblower

Real Clear Investigations: It’s not all about the Bidens: Why Trump has Ukraine on the brain

Tracy Beanz Twitter: Kanye West being shadowbanned


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