Radio Influence is pleased to welcome “A PLACE FOR MY HEAD” to the Radio Influence family beginning Monday, September 2nd, 2019.

“A Place For My Head” is a new podcast which seeks to open the dialogue and change the stigma surrounding the subject of mental health. Based upon his website by the same title, the podcast will be hosted by Brandon Thompson and Jerry Petuck.

“For myself, the A Place For My Head website was created for only what I wanted to push out into a world hindered by character limits. I’ve always had thoughts that stem from emotions that I literally needed to get out of my head,” said Thompson. This turned into my number one source of therapy. Then, something major happened and it flipped this project upside down into what is now our purpose. People from all different walks of life started reaching out and wanted to talk and share their own experiences and writings. I turned A Place For My Head into an outlet for people that don’t have the luxury of designing a full-blown site and maybe they don’t have the platform to be heard. This site and the projects are for them. This is their outlet and their voice will finally be heard on this podcast.”

“Why is mental health such a taboo subject? With everything going on in the world, a lot of people are struggling,” said Petuck. “You genuinely have no idea what that guy at the office, the grocery store, or at the gas station is dealing with. Everyone has a story. This podcast will bring these stories to light and we’ll discuss everything from everyday stress to depression to anxiety to mental and chronic illnesses and so much more. We aren’t medical professionals but we want to start the conversation and help people heal.”

Both can be found on all social media platforms:

A Place For My Head: Facebook

Brandon Thompson: Facebook Instagram Twitter

Jerry Petuck: Facebook Instagram Twitter

A PLACE FOR MY HEAD WITH BRANDON THOMPSON & JERRY PETUCK” will debut Monday, September 2nd, 2019 on all major podcast platforms and

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