Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Baltimore And The DNI

Welcome to the Monday edition of the Dark to Light Podcast! Today, we start with Baltimore but we don’t cover it the way many have been. What impact has Baltimore had on the MEDIA and how is coverage of it illuminating the worst fears of the legacy industry? Frank and Beanz discuss the impact independent journalists have had on political discourse in this country as well as share clips and discuss liberal policy and political strategy.

Then, they switch it up and head on over into Spygate, talking about a psychic John Solomon Sean Hannity show appearance, the “hacking” of the DNC server, John Ratcliffe taking over the DNI, and what Dan Coates was doing.

We have a jam packed show today so don’t miss it!



Ryan Saavedra: CNN’s Brian Stelter attacks Baltimore County Republican Central Committee Kimberly Klacik

Chuck Ross of The Daily Caller: John Ratcliffe’s Fox News interview earlier Sunday takes on new significance after Trump picks him as intelligence director

YouTube: John Solomon’s appearance on the Sean Hannity Show


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