Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Kellyanne Conway The Movie

Friday’s show is a fun one and we just let the breeze take us throughout the news. We start with a discussion about an awesome email we received and move into the Oberline College victory and the Sandmann cases. What is the status on those anyway?

From there, we get into Obamacare, healthcare, and the importance (or lack thereof) of college, and float to Sarah Sanders leaving her position as Press Secretary and bounce to Kellyanne Conway and her OSC recommended termination case. What is going on with her husband and how does she last?

Next, we get into a few clips of Sara Carter talking about the evidence being provided by John Huber (Huber?) and then we go old school at the end of the show with a trip down memory lane and into the world of movie pop culture. At the time of this writing, Beanz still doesn’t remember.

You’ll understand this and so much more, if you join us for the “Dark to Light” podcast!


LegalInsurrection.com: Oberlin College hit with maximum punitive damages (caped at $22 million by law) in Gibson’s Bakery case

Tracy Beanz’ Twitter thread and letter about Kellyanne Conway


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  1. Sean

    I’m in California & honestly everyone I talk to in this state is absolutely fed upl I’m 100% convinced that voter fraud, ballot harvesting, and paying homeless is the only reason they win. We are all shocked by the decisions Gavin Nelson keeps making & 90% of the people do not support anything e does! We need to stop this voter fraud immediately & stop this destruction of California. Our gas per gallon is higher than Hawaii’s & highest in the state!


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