Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: This Tweet Is Unavailable

It’s possible that this is the most “busy” Dark to Light episode ever! The show starts off with a special guest appearance by our resident Russian “Helga” who shares a story about an award she won and how her mom embarrassed her, and from there it’s right off to the races.

The Daily Beast doxxed a man who they identified as first posting the “doctored” Pelosi video online. The author dug through this every day Americans background and targeted him for the world to see. But what is in HIS past he should be running from?

Then a source from the infamous Steele dossier shares a tweet that gets the internet buzzing; why does Sergei Millian mention the name “Seth Rich” in the same sentence as he explains how he was told he was targeted for assassination?

Next, we highlight Anna Timmer, someone Beanz knows, and who took on Justin Amash in epic fashion, and then we move on to the epic rebuttal against Kirsten Gillibrand and her town hall on Fox, brought to you by Ryan Saaveedra!

It wouldn’t be a show lately without talking about deep fakes and UFO’s, but how do Frank and Beanz manage to cram Papadopoulos, the Italian PM, and iTunes into the last minutes of the show?

KEEP YOUR EARS peeled on this exciting episode of the “Dark to Light” podcast!


Tracy Beanz’ tweet on a Daily Beast writer who is a convicted felon

Big League Politics: Daily Beast Writer, A Convicted Felon Previously Banned From The Internet, Doxxes Man Who Shares Pelosi Meme Video

Yana Chupenko answers Tracy Beanz’ tweet on the writer

Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept tweets about journalism

The Daily Beast: We Found The Guy Behind The Viral “Drunk Pelosi” Video

Jack Posobiec of OANN on Justin Amos

Sergei Millian on receiving a death threat and the Seth Rich connection

Ryan Saavedra of The Daily Wire tweets about Kirstin Gillibrand

Geraldo Rivera tweets about the left and right trying to reach a compromise

George Papadopoulos Twitter account



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