Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: OIG Instruction Manual

The Friday show is thick with analysis and news, then ends off on a lighter note with some banter about baseball. Before Frank and Beanz get there though, they dive into a few different topics.

The pair open the show talking about Wednesday’s episode and some of the feedback that stemmed from it. Quickly, they get into talking about a Catherine Herridge report that details how Peter Strzok, in charge of the Intelligence briefings for the Trump campaign, neglected to mention some of the key people ON THE TRUMP campaign were currently being investigated! Frank and Beanz talk about why that is and why it matters.

Next, the transcript of the new Barr interview is out and Jeff Carlson at Epoch Times took to twitter to give us a run down of what was said. Frank and Beanz tackle that head on. Beanz then explains in detail what the OIG is, what its powers and functions are, and what the OIG Summary Report they broke on Wednesday show means, and doesn’t mean.

After that, it’s the release of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, aliens, and baseball on this Friday edition of the Dark to Light Podcast!


Office Of The Inspector General: Findings of Misconduct by an FBI Deputy Assistant Director for Unauthorized Contacts with the Media, Disclosing Law Enforcement and Other Sensitive Information to the Media, and Accepting a Gift from the Media

Office Of The Inspector General: Findings of Misconduct by an Assistant U.S. Attorney for Possessing, Transporting, and Consuming Marijuana Edibles; Falsely Denying Controlled Substance Use on a Security Form; and Lack of Candor

Tracy Beanz tweets on the latest with Peter Strzok

The Drive: Carrier Group In Recent UFO Encounters Had Air Defense Tech Like Nimitz In 2004 Incident


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