Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: It’s Time

Let the declassification BEGIN! Today’s show features some great information! Frank and Tracy Beanz talk about the memo for declassification and what it means moving forward. Why did William Barr ask President Trump for the memo and what agencies were indicated?

Frank and Beanz talk about the spat between Pelosi and Trump, and why the pundits on the news media are wrong to think that we don’t want to hear it anymore. We also go old school with a very important clip from JFK and what it means to America moving forward.

Then, we get into a breaking story about Michael Caputo, James Comey, and the fact that it is quite possible that Comey could have had the “hacked” emails in his possession in early 2016. How does Crowdstrike factor in to the equation, and could the “leak” have played a part in the decision that Comey made to “go it alone” when announcing there wouldn’t be any charges in the Clinton email scandal?

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