Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Back To Basics

It was a fantastic episode of the “Dark to Light Podcast” with Frank and Beanz covering a myriad of issues from Spygate to Wikileaks to the left’s dirty tactics and beyond.

The show opens with some light hearted humor and some stories from childhood, but quickly gets into the New York Times piece on Trump’s taxes, covering the reasons for deductions, and what they really mean. The pair also talk about the legality of what the reporters have done, and what left leaning, Spygate related, organization Fusion GPS has done to hide THEIR financial information from investigators.

Next, talk begins of the newly uncovered emails regarding Christopher Steele and the political leanings of the dossier. Why are they important? From there, the talk shifts to KimDotCom and his tweets about socialist leaders in the past several days. Is this political bent causing a rift between those who may otherwise support Wikileaks?

Finally, the debunking of the DNC portion of the Mueller Report and breaking news in the contempt decision on Attorney General William Barr.

It’s a jam-packed show today on the Dark to Light Podcast!



Fox News: Imprisoning Bill Barr Is Left’s New Rallying Cry – “Have Him Locked Up”

Donald Trump’s Tweet Regarding The New York Times Piece On His Tax Returns From The 80’s

The Hill’s John Solomon: Steele’s Stunning Pre-FISA Confession – Informant Needed To Air Dirt Before Before Trump’s Election

The Hill: DC Radio Station Ordered To Register As Russian Agent

Deputy Assistant Secretary Kavalec typed notes from Oct. 11, 2016 about meeting with Christopher Steele

Jenn Franco of OANN tweets about Bill Barr being held in contempt by the House Judiciary Committee

The Daily Caller: House Judiciary Committee Votes To Hold Barr In Contempt Of Congress

Adam Carter: The Mueller Report — Expensive Estimations And Elusive Evidence


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