Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Clips Abound

Today on Dark to Light, Frank and Tracy Beanz talk about the Washington Post/New York Times piece that came out last night in regards to Robert Mueller’s supposed criticism of the handling of the summary memo. The pair dig through that report and ultimately end up where the report does. In a stunning twist, they end up calling THEMSELVES out for their horrible journalism!

Next, they talk about the Charlottesville narrative and how Biden is attempting to perpetuate the narrative that Trump praised Nazi’s and White Nationalists. From there, it brings the duo into a series of clips and analysis from the past few days as they hit on a few of the bigger foibles from Chris Cuomo and talk about Ben Rhodes and his newest sit down.

Ever wonder how our logo was made? Keep listening to hear the story, and at the end of the show Beanz breaks down the Good Guy/Bad Guy argument surrounding our recently resigned DAG Rod Rosenstein.

The show ends with a special gift to anyone who wants to come to the amazing #WalkAway anniversary weekend and a little hint for Friday’s show! Don’t miss this Wednesday edition of the Dark to Light Podcast!


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