Dark To Light With Frank & Beanz: Monday Musings

Frank is back on this Monday edition of the Dark to Light podcast! WOO HOO! Today, he and Tracy Beanz talk about a myriad of topics, from some of the co-conspirators making the rounds on the talk show circuit to the short circuit of the left (Rachel Maddow isn’t doing so well) to the denial the country still seems to be experiencing. They are still denying Trump’s success and attendance at his rallies, and Frank and Beanz delve into why some of that could lean in our favor.

The pair then talk about just how many sealed indictments there really are, the Seth Rich FOIA request, and a GREAT place for you to find and keep up to date on ALL government happenings!

If you want to muse about what may have happened to Judge Andrew Napolitano and have an otherwise happy go lucky Monday, don’t miss the Dark to Light Podcast with Frank and Beanz!

Don’t miss this information and analysis heavy show with Tracy Beanz today on the Dark to Light Podcast!


Chicago Sun-Times — Kim Foxx Subpoenaed To Appear At Smollett Special Prosecutor Request

Greg Gutfeld on Fox News on Rachel Maddow

Breitbart — Trump: Napolitano Asked Me For Supreme Court Nomination

The Epoch Times — Actually, We Probably Shouldn’t Let China Spy On Us

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